The 3 Basics of Earning Money with Google Adsense


Maybe you are a new blogger or have an existing web site, for which you are thinking about methods on how to better monetize.
In that case, you’ve arrived at the right place!
In this article, I’ll explain to you the 3 pillars for generating a stable, passive income with Adsense. You’ll be finally able to make money from Adsense.

1) First of all, you have to get daily traffic to your site or blog. Without traffic, your earnings will amount to, $0 per month.

So , make sure to acquire that in order. You can start gaining traffic to your current domain by any means possible. You could try improving and investing into your on-page and off webpage SEO, try participating in social media and discussion boards, comment on other people’s blog and so on.

Two. Here goes #2.

Make sure you strategically position your ads around your website so that they get the highest amount of attention by readers as possible.

Placing three leaderboard ads at the bottom of the article will do nothing to your earnings.
You have to have the header banner ad, you should most definitely have a aspect banner, and nice square 256×256 banner ad or text ad works pretty properly as well.

Note, make sure you abide by the Adsense rules, as improper positioning (trying to cover the ads as regular textual content) or spamming the ads everywhere will be detrimental to your Google Adsense earnings.

3. Finally, we have come to point number 3.

ALWAYS be traffic monitoring your usage metrics. If you are blind as to the your visitors are doing, there is no way to transform your money making.

Sure, you’ll probably climb to making $10-30 dollars per day at most, but after that you are going to hit a dry spell, since, without good usage statistics and metrics, you’ll have no idea which parts of your website are the most profitable, which are the most problematic, and so forth.

Good analytics networks are Google’s own Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and Statcounter (I actually prefer Statcounter more, though it is a 3rd party tool).

Well, I hope I’ve been helpful with this information to help you get started in making money.

Stay tuned for part two shortly!